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Summer Menu



Summer Plat
€ 15,00

veal with tuna sauce, english roast beef, buffalo caprese

Parmesan basket
€ 10,00

with bresaola, rocket, cheese ,walnuts and cous cous

Sauris prosciutto (ham) and melon
€ 13,00
Hummus of chickpea
€ 10,00

with beets, peppers and flat bread

First Courses

Potato gnocchi
€ 10,00

with aromatic herbs and cherry tomatoes

Risotto with basil and burrata
€ 11,00

(Min x 2 people)

Fres summer ravioli
€ 11,00

(tomato, mozzarella, cheese) and basil sauce

Maltagliati with white courtyard sauce
€ 10,00
Pasta with tomato
€ 8,00

or meat sauce

Meat and traditional dishes

Main Dishes

Fassona tartare
€ 18,00

with seasoning and croutons

Frico potatoes
€ 13,00

onion and cheese served with polenta (cornmeal)

Wiener Schnitzel
€ 15,00

with French fries

Rabbit in frying pan
€ 16,00

with polenta(cornmeal)

Vegetarian dish
€ 17,00

cous cous, Hummus of chickpea, decomposed parmigiana, and tofu balls

Grilled specialties

Grilled meat

Mixed grilled meats served
€ 15,00

(ribs, sausage, chicken and bacon) mustard mayonnaise sauce

Abanico iberian pork Pata Negra
€ 18,00

(a Spanish style, tender cut of pork) mustard mayonnaise sauce

Argentinian Asado
€ 20,00

(beef spare ribs) with Chimichurri sauce

Lamb chops
€ 22,00

served with Chimichurri sauce

Sliced Cube Roll Beef Steak
€ 19,00

400gr.approximately with Chimichurri sauce

Sliced chicken steak
€ 16,00

cooked at a low temperature, with cherry tomatoes, arugula and Parmesan cheese

Gourmet Scottona beef burger
€ 15,00

with french fries, bread, tomato, caramelized onion, parmesan cheese, bacon and pink sauce.

Sweet dreams


Cake of the day
€ 5,00
Iced Soufflè
€ 5,00

with Grand Marnier

Catalan Cream
€ 5,00
€ 5,00
Panna cotta with berries
€ 5,00

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