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The Pizzeria

Experience and Creativity

Massimo's Creations

Massimo loves his work with all his heart


Over the last ten years, Massimo has enjoyed and still enjoys creating original and inventive combinations.
Every day, he makes alternative doughs with chestnuts, nettles, black cabbage, porcini mushrooms, using double zero flour and selected and fresh seasonal raw materials. He doesn't use freeze-dried products and powders, everything is natural.

Combinations that you will never forget


Blended red turnip, mint, macaroons are just some of the ingredients originally used by Massimo, and all the doughs are made by hand, he does not use mixers, machines, or tools, all in a traditional way.

A constant desire to experiment and amaze


The desire to experiment has led him to achieve great results and the many customers confirm his professionalism and his skill in creating not just simple pizzas but real works of art with a unique and inimitable flavor. Among his specialties, ``La pizza Leo`` is made with porcini, mozzarella, Treviso radicchio, mixed mushrooms and leeks, gorgonzola, and when cooked, venison ham and apple glaze.
The pizza is fan-shaped, and on the sides, there are two mini calzoni stuffed with radicchio, robiola with truffles, and apples.

Not just pizzas but works of art

The Menu

On the menu, in addition to the classic pizzas, you will find special pizzas, all to try: Bau-Bau, Favola, or the rolled-up, solely with top quality ingredients!
You can also choose the Regina Friulana, the Leo Pizza, and the Spring Pizza which have been selected by the Guide of Italian Pizzerias!

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